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Thoughts and Musings

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The Role of Translation in Running Event Organizing (Part 1)


I love running.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I was not active. I remember joining little league tee-ball in kindergarten, and continuing my sports journey through university. After trying what felt like every team sport possible, running is where I landed. It’s a solitary sport where your only competition is yourself. All of the stress and anxiety I felt during team sports fell away when I started running for fun.

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Film Review: Multicultural Kids are Not Bridges (Taking Aquaman Too Seriously)


I spend the final two weeks of the fall 2018 semester reading furiously, writing, erasing, re-writing, thinking, and generally suffering greatly. I wrote one semi-decent final paper, the longest I have written in Korean ever, the content of which was not entirely terrible. My second paper was the equivalent of my most recent half marathon. I came, I tried, but the only thing I did was finish.

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