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Recent Projects (January - April 2019)

Thoughts and Musings

Recent Projects (January - April 2019)


Want to know what kinds of projects I work on? Here is a list of projects I have worked on during the past few months. All were done professionally (for pay) unless otherwise noted.

I have been working a lot since I finished my coursework. Many of my projects include an NDA, however. Due to this I am unable to go into great detail, and will only provide a summary. Limited-scope projects are not included in this list.

Food Supplement Marketing Materials

This client took over a large chunk of my winter and spring months, and it was great! I loved working alongside other creatives and helping them to achieve their goals in the international market. For this client, I helped manage En-Ko translation projects, do the Ko-En translation projects, and help occasionally as a proofreader.

Film Reviews

Translated several film reviews for a magazine. This kind of project is exactly what I hope to get more of in the future. I’ll share the links if I can when they are published.

Film Subtitle Translation

This has been the biggest challenge of 2019. Subtitle translation comes with a host of restrictions, making accurate translation very difficult. It was truly a creative endeavor to problem solve whenever there simply was not enough space on the screen. These took a long time, but I would gladly do more!

Post-Editing MT and Translation Evaluation

I recently joined a translation agency that specializes in machine translation (they have an in-house MT) and providing companies with their own personal TM (translation memory). I have been helping them with translation evaluations for potential translators, as well as doing the translation work myself as needed. It has been interesting to work with the MT. Rest assured translators! While this is a great tool, we won’t be losing our jobs anytime soon!

Have a translation project you think I'd be interested in?  Feel free to contact me and we can chat.