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Getting Professional Business Cards!

Thoughts and Musings

Getting Professional Business Cards!


I know that the most important steps for becoming a professional translator involve behind-the-scenes hard work and commitment. However, the most thrilling so far has been cosmetic. Once I quit my full-time job and got an official office desk, I set out to making some business cards.

Not having a lot of actual graphic design skills presently, I looked to my friend Sarah of CoffeeCatsKimchi for help.

You can see her post about my first draft of my business cards on her blog. I can’t believe what she did with my very amateur sketch.

koreanenglishtranslation ajoytranslation

Recently, I got a bit of an update before printing new cards.

AJoyTranslation business card.JPG

I kept the beautiful design elements, and changed only a few details. (This is a photo of somewhat cheap prints, so the quality is a bit lower.)

Again, a huge thank you to Sarah Gavin for helping me design such professional-looking business cards!