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Upcoming Korean-English Literary Translation Contests

Thoughts and Musings

Upcoming Korean-English Literary Translation Contests


Calling all aspiring Korean-English literary translators!  There are currently several great opportunities in the form of translation contests that may give you the motivation to hone your translation skills.  

The 48th Modern Korean Literature Translation Award has been supporting excellence in translation for decades.  The grand prize is a not insignificant 5 million won, while commendation prizes are also awarded.  Translators may choose between poetry or fiction, and the work must not have been translated into English previously.  Submissions are due before September 1st, 2017.  

The second is a new translation contest aptly named the Global Korean Literature Translation Award. Its grand prize is 20 million won, with two first and second place awards following.  Submissions are due before September 30th, 2017. 

The number of translation competitions this year brings me so much hope for the field.  I see competition as a positive as it will lead to higher quality translations.  Better translations will bring even more Korean writers to the world's stage.  

I will myself be entering both contests.  I hope you can be inspired to try as well!