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Resume Translation: Worth the Investment?

Thoughts and Musings

Resume Translation: Worth the Investment?


When looking for a job abroad, many look for contacts that speak their native language.  Candidates work with this coordinator from beginning to end, and usually find a job.  But after years of living as an expat or student in the same country, locals may expect more from their job candidates. 

Connect with More Readers

This leads us to the first reason you should invest in resume localization and translation services.

 If you have ever seen a Korean-style resume, you will notice at first glance that it is must shorter than a Western one.  This is because more detailed information is expected from the cover letter and interview, while a resume is more for screening purposes.  Submitting a long resume may lead to some important aspects of your background being overlooked. 

Beyond this, it is a simple fact that it is less stressful to read one’s native language.  Job applicants should do whatever they can to get their foot in the door – and that includes a resume and cover letter that speaks to everyone, not just the English-speaking coordinator.  While many companies will usually have at least one coordinator for foreign staff, there is no guarantee that person is the same as the one who makes hiring choices.  Expand your reach by making sure everyone from the English-speaking coordinator to the CEO can read your resume with ease. 

A Show of Respect

Here is a thought experiment.  What would you expect from a prospective Korean-language instructor applying to a local college in the United States? Even though you, the Korean-speaking department head, could decipher a Korean resume and cover letter, would your higher ups even consider it?  The answer I’ll assume is absolutely not! 

Even though English is a global language, you are not seeking employment in an English-majority country.  Therefore, there will be a number of staff and faculty who will find it stressful or confusing to decipher your English-only documents.  Preparing documents in Korean, however, will not only help them save some time, your initiative to show such consideration for your possible future superiors will leave them with a warm feeling about who you are and what you could bring to the company. 

Overwhelmed? Don’t Be!

Myself and my partner in business translation are here to help.  We have already provided resume translation and localization services to clients for over a year now, and have recently expanded our services to cover letter translation.   

Please inquire on the contact page or click on the mail icon for more information about:

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