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Thoughts and Musings

On Thoughts and Musings


As this is the inaugural blog post on this website, I would like to explain my goals for this site as well as some of the topics I may be discussing in the future.

My dream has always been to become a translator of some sort or another.  However, in a twist of fate in my mid-twenties, I switched language pairs entirely, thus injecting some chaos into my neatly laid plans.   I came to Korea despite having been accepted into multiple translation certificate programs in the Spanish-English pairing.   In the end, I gave up on pursuing this route (this is another story for another day) and decided I would focus on Korean.

Several years later, I have become a verified translator, though not quite in the direction I had originally planned.  I should have seen it coming, actually.  My ability to alter life plans is as uncanny as my ability to untidy a desk.  So here it is, my translation business portal and the home of my rants.  

I hope to share some of the projects I am working on, business collaborations, book reviews, translation platform and program reviews, and of course some self-promotion* here and there. I also hope to share some guest posts from my contemporaries in the field.  

*Any inquiries or requests can be made by clicking on the mail icon at the top right of the page.