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A Silly Poem for Christmas Eve

Thoughts and Musings

A Silly Poem for Christmas Eve


The end of the semester is in sight as the grading deadline is growing closer.  It seems I will have to give up my perfectionist ideals in order to enjoy at least some semblance of winter break.  

Thanks to the semester coming to a close, I will have time to focus on this blog once again.  I hope to be a bit more organized this time around.  I hope to post weekly starting next week.  As always, the subject matter will reflect my personal interests.  Next week's post will deal with the cosmetics industry in translation, and I have some more in the works complaining about the Olympics, and discussing some more serious themes of translator identity and neocolonialism.  I also am considering doing some book reviews as I have around 5 translation theory books I have borrowed for fun winter reading.  

But without further ado, I bestow you, the readers of this blog, with a silly poem for this 2017 Christmas Eve.   

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the library,
Not a student was stirring,
Nor was there nary,
A light shining brightly,
For all the students,
Had gone off to be merry

But oh, what is this?
In the fifth floor study room,
Something is amiss,
For inside are ten graduate students a-fretting
For it is three days after the deadline,
And they are still sweating,
As they type away, research, and pine

But don’t they know? 
Haven’t they heard?
Tonight it is Christmas, 
So go, take a break!
Go and be merry, 
Stop that worrying and fretting. 
And go and say to the couples, 
All off on their dates,
Merry Christmas to all, 
And a happy winter break!