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Thoughts and Musings

A Springtime Update

Anna Toombs

Spring has arrived to Korea (finally) and the cherry blossoms are quite the sight for sore winter eyes.  I decided that with the arrival of this great season I would take the hint and revive my blog!  So here I am writing away for your reading pleasure. 

Over the winter and as the semester began anew I have spent much time deeply in thought regarding how my future as a translator should look.  For awhile now I have been shielding myself from opportunities to grow in this profession for fear of failure.  Luckily, I spent a year in graduate school learning that those who see themselves as total failures can succeed somewhere!  It isn't that I am the best student.  What doing something this difficult and let's admit, painful, has taught me is that there is a future available to me that I never even let myself imagine.  My age may be a number higher than the average in my program, but that is my advantage.  I am able to see my struggles in the perspective of, well, having already struggled, failed, and tried again several times.  I am feeling the proverbial fire under my butt, an anxiousness to get on with it!  

With these rather itchy emotions, I set about getting more opportunities to actually realize the goals I had years ago as a young fledgling translator-wannabe.  And for the first time, I began to succeed over and over again.  Not that I have a book translation deal or anything, but the translation work is more stable than ever,  and I am preparing to *apply* for a book translation grant.  

I have some very interesting blog posts already ready for posting on such a wide variety of topics that I hope everyone can find something interesting to read.  There are my ranting posts about the role of translation in cosmetics (along with actual translations), some fun anecdotes of how translation was a big part of my wedding ceremony, and some book reviews.  I also will be working on my Korean-language blog that is still in the concept stage of its life.  

Recent Projects (September-December 2017)

Anna Toombs

In case you were wondering what kind of things I work on, here is a list of projects I have worked on or managed this fall.  All were done professionally (for pay) unless otherwise noted.

This was a low season with regard to freelance translating.  I really struggled with the amount of graduate courses I took on top of studying at the institute.  I was exhausted at the end of the day.   While disappointing, I still carved out some time to work on projects I found interesting.  

Have a translation project you think I'd be interested in?  Feel free to contact me and we can chat.

Korean-English Translation

  •  Translation of medical receipts, certificates (business registrations, mostly)   
  •  Literary translation for group project at LTI-Korea (unpaid, class project)
  • So many small assignments at LTI-Korea (the joys of learning!) 
  •  An ongoing customer relations project 
  •  Local tourism program brochure
  •  Cosmetics-related translation proofreading (but more like re-translating)
  •  Book summaries - not exactly translation but creating summaries in English based on Korean   texts


  • Employment interviews


새해 복 많이 받으세요!   Happy New Year!   ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!