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About Me & Services Provided


About Me & Services Provided

Originally from the great state of Minnesota, I am currently a graduate student studying Modern Korean Literature at Yonsei University.  I majored in Spanish for my undergraduate degree, after which a subsequent change of plans brought me to South Korea.  I love reading, writing, socializing, and staying healthy.    

Photo by ksushsh/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ksushsh/iStock / Getty Images


My primary love is for translation and all it involves.  I have both an interest in translation theory and in the process of translation itself.  I hold myself to a high standard while maintaining high expectations for any other translators I employ.  

All translations are proofread before submission by a highly educated native speaker of the target language.  This proofreader also has a high level of proficiency in the text's source language.  I only work with people I know personally and whose work I have reviewed in the past.  

Translations displayed on the blog are also proofread and edited.  

Linguistic Concierge, Interpreting, and Site Translation

I often receive requests for help with banking apps, online shopping, booking trips, searching for discounts, and the like.  I find that not only do I have the language skills to help, but I also have a natural drive to dig deep and discover the answer I need.  I enjoy the research involved and find it rewarding to help others.  

 These types of services may include such things as site translation of documents,  interpreting at the bank, school, or for a meeting, ordering tickets, or booking a hotel.  Sometimes, an in-person visit can be avoided, as the concierge service may be conducted  remotely.    

Photo by petejw/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by petejw/iStock / Getty Images